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CCCOE/ CCHS District Covid Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Steve Finch
Only 2 outbreaks so far where it’s been obvious enough to link to community exposure, right? Lots of research from primary medical journals connecting aggressive school reopening to increases in community incidence, even with mitigation procedures in place and adhered to, correct?
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Steve Finch
Not that schools are protected… that the outside communities are protected. In other words, school reopening lead to community spikes in incidence, not so school outbreaks necessarily...
Steve Finch
Have you considered COVID-19 model projections from Stanford showing non-lockdown strategies such as school reopenings leading to a continued increase in incidence and mortality vs. showing a flattening from following a lockdown? With a vaccine on the horizon, why push forward now and risk school reopenings contributing to the potential overwhelming of local healtcare facilities…
Steve Finch
Stanford-CIDE Coronavirus Simulation Model. https://www.sc-cosmo.org/US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Operating schools during COVID-19: CDC’s considerations. Updated September 1, 2020. Accessed September 23, 2020.https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/schools-childcare/schools.html
Steve Finch
Most of the arguments I’m hearing are based on assumptions that we are going to somehow be able to identify a substantial number of the transmissions that occur, let alone the majority of integeneraltional transmissions from largely asymptomatic students to staff—and then to households and the greater community… Most transmissions are NOT identified or traced
Ximena Montes
Thank you all so much.
Steve Finch
Yup, absolutely critical that staff stick to best practices PPE at all times. As with LA and New York, we’re not seeing that teachers instincts often to build relationships with students often lead them astray. Again, these are just the districts large enough for us to actually see and be able to trace the direct correlations between school reopening and community spikes…
Monique Risso
Thank you!
Steve Finch
There are no easy answers here. I am very grateful for all the hard work Lynn, Nick and the team are doing to foster communication and transparency during this difficult time...
Steve Finch
Lunch is where many traceable school transmissions have occured...